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How to wear our heritage in style-Best Pearl Jewellery India

Pearls have been the symbol of status and wealth in the Indian culture since thousands of years, thus making it not just another jewel, but a legacy which is handed down by our ancestors. From the scriptures of Ajanta caves to the legend of Ramayana, it can be seen that pearl necklaces and other pearl […]

5 things to consider before buying

5 Things to consider before Buying Pearls…!

Why do you need to be careful..? Buying pearls can be tricky. It isn’t as easy as going to a shop and picking up what you like. Before you invest your money in these precious little things, you need to make sure that the pearls you are buying are of the highest quality and most […]


Types of pearls and how to wear them creatively..!

The best accessory is the one which you can wear in many ways. That’s what we like about pearls – they come in so many colors, shapes, and styles. This just gives us girls and women a chance to be more creative with them. While we know the typical ways of wearing pearls, there are […]

Pearl Necklace on Lady

Pearl Necklaces that every woman must have..!

A woman of elegance knows the value of pearls. She also knows that pearl necklaces are always a good choice and wants to wear them as much as possible. They make a statement without making you look loud. They accentuate the woman in you, leaving you looking all goddess-like. No wonder, they have been a […]

Stylish ways to glam up your look with pearls!

If there’s one word for elegance, sophistication and charm, it has to be pearls. Don’t believe us? Have a look at some of the iconic divas in the history or the influential celebrities of our times; you’ll realize how much they all love their pearls. That’s because not only are pearls timeless but can also […]